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De'VIA Curriculum Development Project

The De'VIA Curriculum Project team are  asking  for donations to cover a Deaf View/Image Art De’VIA curriculum kit that will be mailed to 10 Deaf schools in the US so that art teachers have materials and lesson plans to teach Deaf children about De’VIA. De’VIA is art about the Deaf experience and was established 25 years ago. Many of us have met Deaf folks who remark after learning about Deaf View / Image Art De’VIA: “I wish I had known about De’VIA when I was young.” Deaf and Deaf-blind people readily identify with visual and tactile art about the Deaf experience. De’VIA affirms their sense of Deafhood while it gives visual testimony to the discrimination that Deaf People experience – making the invisible visible.  Thank you for your support. We are affiliated with Deaf Arts Festival-a nonprofit organization. 


Click to see the De'VIA Curriculum Development Donors Letter:






                             Write a check to:

                             Deaf Arts Festival                 OR
                             PO Box 99038 
                             Troy, Michigan 48099

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