Tony Fowler

A surrealistic digital artist, illustrator and animator, Tony M Fowler, is known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that falls under the umbrella of surrealism and symbolism. His work challenges observers' perceptions of reality, psychology, nature and wildlife, and fairytale.


Fowler's continuous engagement in recreation with reality and illusion has been attributed to religious belief and his perception; along with his hearing disability he becomes sensitive to the world around him. Some of his work conveys his deafness and sensitivity about how the larger society, the people who hear and perceive deafness or any facet of deaf culture.


Fowler is devoted to digital painting which is purely computer-generated such as 3D modeling extensively, 2D vector graphics and collection photograph. His diversity of computer skills in graphic design and drafting originated since 1988. Tony’s freehand illustration and airbrush painting have evolved into digital painting using graphics tablet where he continues experimenting with his own unique styles and techniques to communicate his concept and story in a digital art format by weaving themed 3D modeling into enchanting works of art.


Several of Fowler’s style of surrealism is more metaphorical while some objects and subjects reflect the language of dreams as a tool of analysis. Several of his work mirrors the ideas of natural history art and the sense of wonder and curiosity with the contemporary addition of a narrative and poetic element. Furthermore, he describes the natural world through and allegorical, religious, poetic and sometimes social and political lens.



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Here’s a sneak preview of my digital animation film “The Adventures of Pennyfarman Part I of III”

3D animation, 3D modeling, Concept, Character Design, Video Editing and digital painting by Tony M. Fowler 2015. 

Work in progress..stay tuned.


See Tony's work in progress about the above picture in digitical.  Click on a mini picture below: